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Written by Janet Dubuque   
Thursday, 03 December 2009 05:00

Every field below except comments needs to be filled out before you submit this. If something doesn't apply to you, just put "n/a" or "none."

First name:

Last name:

Home phone #:

Cell phone #:

Email address:

Street address:

City, state/province:

Zip code:

On average, how many days per week will the dog be left alone?

How many hours per day will the dog be alone?

Do you currently own pets? If so, what kinds?

Do you rent or own your house?

If you rent your house, do you have trouble keeping pets? If so, why?

Have you owned dogs before? If so, what breed(s)?

Have you lost any pets? If so, how many and why?

Have you looked at other Klee Kai websites? If so, which ones?

Have you personally seen a Klee Kai? If you have, who were the dog and the owner?

What breeds have you owned that weren't what you expected?

What breeds have you owned that pleased you?

What traits in dogs you've owned have pleased you?

What traits in dogs you've owned haven't pleased you?

If you have kids, what are their ages?

If you have kids, have they been trained on the proper care of animals, or will they?

Do your family members have traits that might cause problems with animals? If so, explain.

Do you plan on leaving the Klee Kai outdoors alone, if so, how often?

Where will the Klee Kai live?

What kind of enclosure do you have for a dog?

Are you willing to take your Klee Kai to professional dog training?

Are you interested in showing your Klee Kai?

Do you have experience in showing dogs?

If people want to know about your Klee Kai, are you willing to educate them about the breed?

What attracts you to the Klee Kai breed?

Do you intend to spay/neuter your Klee Kai?

Do you currently breed dogs or have you in the past?

Are you interested in breeding Klee Kais?

Do you want a puppy or adult dog?

Why would you be a good owner for a Klee Kai?

Why would your home be a desirable place for a Klee Kai?

Does your family agree on getting a Klee Kai?

Have you ever been accused or convicted of animal abuse or neglect? If so, explain.

If you get a Klee Kai from us, can we make appointments with you to visit?

Questions/Comments (optional):
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